I’ve installed Windows 10 in Virtualbox (Oracle VM) under Ubuntu Utopic, on both my Acer laptops. I’ve also installed it under VMware Workstation. I like the interfaces changes/improvements.

I’ve got two issues with the OS at the moment. Win10 isn’t recognizing shared folders under both of the virtualization platforms. VMware doesn’t recognize the shared folders at all. Vbox lists the top-level folder, but there’s no drill-down. I usually set shared folders to my linux home directory, but no luck so far. I’m assuimg that both platforms haven’t updated their respective “tools” packages for a beta operating system.

My other problem with Win10 at the moment is that Cisco Anyconnect doesn’t work with it yet, but that’s no surprise. I can teach under Win7 for now. Those shared folders, however, are a necessity.