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Social Connections

Friends recommended Untappd to me a few years back, and I just love it. It’s become my favorite way to “check in” at various places all around the world.

The app is very similar to how Foursquare worked when it started, but with beer. You pick a beer and “check in”. You can add location info (via Foursquare) to your check-in, as well as photos, a rating (1-4 stars), and comments. You can search for beer check-ins near your location, as well as places where Untappd users go in your general vicinity. This is a great way to find good pubs for microbrews nearby, as well as craft breweries.


Untappd’s icon for mobile platforms.

The app is all about social, allowing you to “toast” the beers of your Untappd friends. You can also share your Untappd check-in with friends/followers on Facebook and Twitter.


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I freely admit, I’m a sucker for apps that still do badges, and Untappd’s are awesome. I’ve totally hooked my sons (ages 27 and 21) on badge collection. There are all sorts of categories of badges, like¬†your Untappd drinking level (I’m currently “Master”, which is 200 distinct beers). Then there are country-specific badges, like “God Save the Queen” for the UK. There are sponsored badges from numerous breweries around the US and the world–locally, Abita Brewing sponsors a few badges.

It’s fun to stumble on a regional badge unexpectedly. When you look at the craft beer list at an out of town pub, pick something, and get a badge! Many of the badges have levels, where you earn the badge’s level 1 with five beers, then level 2 at ten, etc. I’m fortunate that my boys take the badges even more seriously than I do, so I know when there’s a new or limited-time badge I can easily earn.

So many social apps aren’t as much fun s they used to be, as venture capitalists demand that app developers actually make money. Untappd has managed to keep the fun going.