#ShowYourLinuxDesktop 20200427 – Star Trek, Zooming, and stuff.

#showyourlinuxdesktop 20200427

#ShowYourLinuxDesktop 2020427

I’m keeping with my usual mix for stybba, the Acer 2-in-1. The main desktop is usually a fantasy image, and then something SF on the AOC USB monitor. This is a fantasy coastline/lighthouse image that wasn’t credited in a Zuckerbook group, and I haven’t tracked down the artist yet.

#showyourlinuxdesktop 20200427

The SF this week is from ST:DIS. It’s the bridge of the Enterprise. This is my “virtual background” for Zoom meetings. If I use Zoom on stybba, in the kitchen, with lots of light, the virtual background thing works fine. In my study, on hasufel, however, the background blends in with camera image. The Zoom support says it’s about the processor. Thing is, hasufel is a relatively new mini-tower. Given that it works on the 2-in-1, it has to have more to do with lighting than anything else. My home office is like my son’s submarine or the CIC of a surface ship in the Navy.

Raspberry Pi

Updates on the YatBerry work. This website, along with a few of my others, are doing just fine on yatberry3a, a Pi 3B. I haven’t messed with any of those sites all that much this past week. NewOrleansRailroads.com held my attention, with some history writing to flesh out the main site, as well as the Southern/Norfolk Southern sub-site (it’s a WordPress “network” install.

A while back, I set up blue-crawfish.com, a site where we’d build out “better” websites for restaurants. That’s now back up and running, where we can mess with Divi layouts. The site is also a network, and we’ll keep that moving forward. I messed around with a couple of layouts, looking to change around ebranley.com at some point.

Big Data/Hadoop

My Pi 4, yatberry4a, sits waiting for a new case! I ordered a 10-port USB power supply and a cluster case. When those arrive, yatberry3a and yatberry2a (in their case), along with a separate setup for yatberry4a, will move over to sit on top of something in the server rack, more of a permanent home. Then yatberry4a gets Hadoop-ed!