Reverse image searches help give credit to artists and creators.

Reverse image search - "Viper Patrol" by Euderion

“Viper Patrol” by DeviantArt user Euderion

Reverse image searches

OK, this is a topic that’s easy to look up, but so many folks don’t bother. I’m just as guilty as the next person, mind you. When I use something on the blog (as opposed to just as wallpaper), however, I want to credit the artist. So, reverse image time.

Use Teh Google

Basic steps:reverse image searches screenshot 1

  • Copy the URL for the image. You might also want to download the image, particularly if it comes from Facebook. Most FB pages aren’t search-able by Google.
  • Go to – notice you don’t see the daily Doodle, but a basic screen with “Images”
  • Click the camera icon to the right in the search box. The hover will say “search by image.”
  • Paste in the Image URL.
  • Upload – If pasting the URL doesn’t return results (and it most likely won’t, if the source is Facebook), click the “Upload an Image” tab. Browse for the image you downloaded, and send it go Google.

reverse image searches screenshot 2

Finding the Artist

I uploaded the above image, and got back a bunch of hits, mostly from “one bazillion wallpaper” collection sites. It took some clicking around, but I hit one who actually credited the artist, DeviantArt user “Euderion.” This work is titled “Viper Patrol.” It features Viper fighters from the original Battlestar Galactica TV series. Turns out, this artist has a great portfolio of Sci-Fi/Space Opera works. DeviantArt is a great platform for artists to put up art, let folks download it, and entice them into buying stuff they have for sale.

Be a good Netizen

As I said, I’m just as guilty as others of just ganking images from the ‘net. As a published author, however, I’m conscious of trying to make that right. If we all take steps to spread the word about the good artists, we all benefit.